I'd love any feedback (positive and negative) about Trellodoro. You can contact me through the following means:

Trellodoro Board: I've setup a Trello board (imagine your surprise) that you can comment add comments to for ideas or bugs.

Trellodoro News: News and updates will be published.

Twitter: Follow the trellodoro account for updates.

About Me: This is my page. You can find my various networks and contact me directly through them.

E-Mail: You can contact Trellodoro via e-mail at trellodoro at gmail dot com.


In the spirit of Trello iteslf, I'm keeping Trellodoro free. Honestly all I did was wire up some API calls and do a little coding. But if you really like Trellodoro and want to help my kids get into college (or buy my wife and I a coffee one night), feel free to donate through the following means:

Bitcoin: Bitcoin donations gladly accepted!

Paypal: Paypal donations gladly accepted too!